Fred Marvin

Fred Marvin Pole Pruners and Saws

Fred Marvin Associates began as a small, family-owned business in Akron at the height of the manufacturing boom, making pole pruners and saws for professional arborists and serious landscapers alike. SSG provides a ecommerce website services, SEO along with creating a full-line catalog, advertisements, banners, packaging and more.

Fred Marvin website design
Fred Marvin full line brochure print design
Fred Marvin catalog page print design marketing
Fred Marvin full line catalog print design
Fred Marvin advertisement print design


Create a new a e-commerce website that would formulate a quote-to-order system. Keep the Fred Marvin brand graphic look throughout all marketing items.


Find the right e-commerce product that fit the quote-to-order system with easy to use back end settings and a CMS that allowed custom styling.


A responsive designed e-commerce website that fits Fred Marvin's brand that is easy to use.

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