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Transform your morning shave from a chore to a pleasurable experience. Straight Razor Designs was started in 2007 by Lynn Abrams and Don Addleman, two of the most recognized names in the wet shaving industry.

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To have an ecommerce website that can handle the sales growth without harming the shopping experience.


With increased sales, they needed a way to streamline the sales process and allow them to handle the growth from the cart to the client's doorstep. SSG implemented a new ecommerce website that made the shopping experience a great one and the backend client and order management systems a big success.


We also transferred our SEO efforts to the new platform while taking advantages of the new tools to improve upon our SEO strategies. SSG also re-designed the Straight Razor Designs logo and setup the e-newsletter campaign to match the website and the Straight Razor Design brand.

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